Story Journeys: Magic Airways

KS1 / P1-4
Creative Learning

This KS1 Creative Learning workshop is available for up to 4 groups of 30 pupils for 1 hour each - up to 120 pupils in one day. 

Take a trip with a mysterious guide on Magic Airways and meet a whole host of colourful characters with problems to solve and stories to tell. Help a confused Pirate find his treasure, meet a busy Elf who is running out of time before Christmas or help a grumpy Wizard to make a rainbow. Magic Airways flies just about anywhere and provides younger children with creative stimulus to stretch their imaginations and physically engage them with story-making. 

Our Creative Learning projects are a perfect platform for kick-starting a topic and unlocking imagination in order to follow up work in the classroom such as story making and creative writing.

Our professional workshop leader acts as both actor and facilitator. Using drama and movement, music and props, the children take part in an exciting adventure which helps bring their little imaginations to life in your school hall!

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Story Journeys is a popular choice for Book Day or Book Week!